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Top 5 Gaiam Balance Ball Chair review

The Gaiam training chair was designed under the guidance of chiropractic pioneer dr. Randy Weinzoff developed. Thus, this chair immensely relieves the pain syndrome of the back, legs and arms, which results from sitting at a desk for hours. It helps to strengthen the core and improve alignment.

Here are the 5 best Gaiam office ball chairs:

1. Classic Balance Ball Chair

The Classic Balance Ball Seat was developed by leading health and fitness experts to enhance nuclear strength and health. It has the same yoga ball used by exercise experts.

Using the same yoga ball helps build a healthier core, aligning the spine, relieving back pain and stiffness, increasing energy levels, and increasing productivity with an active body and dedicated mind.

This is for users of 5 & 5 to 5 & # 39; It fits most standard height desks For a larger chair, add 2 inches to Gaiam's compatible leg extension, sold separately.

It comes in a black color and includes a removable 52-centimeter gym ball, an air pump, an adjustable metal support, a desktop tutorial and 4 smooth-running wheels – 2 lockable rear wheels.

2. Backless Classic Balance seat

This supports nuclear power and a healthy back. It promotes better posture throughout the session. The same yoga ball relieves stiffness and back pain and aligns the spine. Using this ballchair increases your energy level and helps you stay focused.

Users who should use the Backless Classic Balance Chair should have a height of 5 & # 5 to 5 & # 39; It fits on most standard height desks For a larger chair, you'll need 2 inches with Gaiam's compatible leg extensions that are sold separately from this 300-pound weight.

It is available in blue color and has a removable 52-centimeter gymnastic ball, an air pump, an adjustable metal support, 4 smooth-running wheels (2 rear wheels lockable) and a desktop training manual.

3. Custom Fit adjustable balance seat

The customized ball chair can be easily adapted to your body size. It contains the same yoga ball as the exercise guide. It helps build a healthier core, align the spine, relieve back pain and stiffness, and increase energy levels.

It is designed for users 5 to 5 inches tall and fits most standard height desks. The adjustable legs allow custom height adjustment that fits your needs.

The 300 lb blue ball chair comes with a 55 cm gym ball, an air pump, a metal base, 5 adjustable legs, 5 easy sliding, lockable wheels, a backrest, a desk stretching and stretching instruction and a DVD with three 20-minute chairs delivered workouts and three ten-minute "Express Routines".

4. Balance Ball Stool

This ball chair acts as an active seat and causes micro-movements that strengthen the core. It improves your posture and promotes blood circulation. The Balance Ball Stool is equipped with an anti-burst balance ball stool with a half-dome and fits most desks in standard size. This makes it perfect for office, home, classroom or school desks.

It has a black color, 23 "height with an easy inflation pump. It comes with a sturdy, 360 degree rotatable base that allows easy and free movement while the height can be easily adjusted to the changing needs of your workspace. You could provide a lightweight and compact active stool with 5 lockable, easy-sliding castors.

5. Children's ball chair

The Kids Ball Chair promotes a healthy posture and keeps the mind focused and the body in motion. It's the perfect fit for kids to enhance concentration and concentration at home or in the classroom at the desk. It helps to reduce restlessness, cause restlessness and prevent boredom.

It is recommended for children aged 5 to 8 or for children between 42 and 51 inches in height, making this active seat ideal for preschoolers and 1st and 2nd grade students. The weight limit is 175 pounds.

It comes with a 35 cm child-sized balance ball, an inflatable pump for easy inflation, an adjustable back support bar, a secure metal ball holder and smooth-running castors (2 lockable).

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