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To give your Adirondack chair a distressed finish

Give your new Adirondack chair a distressed finish. The used look gives a wooden furniture a sense of age and use. Why should you make new furniture look old? Some people enjoy the sense of comfort and history that this look brings, but they do not want to spend money on expensive genuine antiques. Others like the look but can not find what they want in the shops. That's why they take new furniture and adapt it to their taste. If you want to try the desperate look of your Adirondack chair, you'll need paint, sandpaper, and a clear topcoat sealant. However, avoid a high gloss finish as this will only make your chair look new.

Start by sanding your Adirondack chair lightly so the paint will adhere better to the surface. Wipe the chair with a clean cloth to remove dust. If you want, you can first use a primer. Paint the entire chair with your chosen color. Dark colors look particularly good with a distressed finish. Allow the paint to partially dry between coats. After applying the last coat, let it dry completely. If the air is wet, leave more time.

When you are sure the chair is completely dry, take a fresh piece of sandpaper. They drag in the same direction as the grain of the wood, but you do not grind the entire chair. Sand only those areas that are usually the first signs of wear. For your Adirondack chair, these may be the edges of the armrests, the feet, etc. If you need additional instructions, look at pictures of damaged furniture to get a feel for where you might be grinding.

Do not sand too hard. They do not try to cut out wood or remove a whole section of paint. Sand easily, just enough to give your Adirondack chair the appearance that it has been used. You should lose some color when you grind. When you have completed this step, get another clean cloth and wipe the entire chair to remove any dust that may have been caused by the sanding process.

Apply your clear sealant according to the manufacturer's instructions. This topcoat is designed to help ensure that your calculated appearance of a gentle use does not become an actual, all-encompassing appearance of hard use.

They are done. You have ground, primed or painted the required number of coats of your chair and let it dry. Next, you used sandpaper to damage important areas and edges of your chair – the same areas that would normally be the first signs of wear. Then you wiped the chair to remove dust and then applied a clear topcoat. After drying the top coat, you should be able to use your Adirondack chair with its distressed finish. What is your next project? A matching side table? Maybe an ottoman?

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