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The three chairs exercise for extending your perspective

If you have difficulties with a particular person, this exercise can help you gain insight into the perspective or point of view of that other person.

So first get your personal or spiritual notebook (or diary) and then write down your thoughts about the problem or situation. It does not have to be a "conflict," just as when a tragedy happens to both of you. Then you can broaden your perspective by using this exercise to see what insights you can have about the thoughts, feelings, and feelings of the other person's beliefs, just to name a few aspects of the personality.

Now you can set up three chairs. Two of the chairs would face each other, and the other chair is in some ways the chair of the observer (as it is desirable for the "observer"). If you choose, you can imagine the scenes of this scenario with your imagination.

If you're sitting in the first chair now, imagine someone else sitting across from you in front of you. They face each other and look at each other. So, ask yourself – how do I feel? And what do I want to say? And what would I like to happen? Of course, you'll need to buy your notebook afterwards to write down your personal findings.

And then you go to the chair directly across from your first chair. Imagine, you are sitting in the first chair and you are the other person. So practice your empathy – imagine being the other person. Try to see from his perspective (or point of view). What are your feelings as the other person? What do you want? What do you want? What do you think? What is his or her perspective on the situation or the problem? What do you feel (as the other person)? Then get your notebook and write down your findings.

Last, go to the last chair. You are someone out of the situation, an observer – and a wise observer. Ask yourself from this perspective: what do I see? What do I want for both people sitting in the other chairs? What important things do you need to remember? After asking yourself these questions thoroughly and thoroughly, make a note of the new discoveries and even old insights that are important to you in your notebook or diary.

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