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ADHD chair – A new look at rocking therapy

In the past, the treatment of ADHD and ADD was quite advanced. It has specialized medicine and various types of physiotherapy involved. But doctors are starting to use more traditional methods such as rocking therapy. The rocking movement has soothing effects on children that the medical specialty began to experiment …

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Check the OSIM ISymphonic massage chair

Many of you visited Brookstone and maybe tried one of the massage chairs. One of the brands that distinguish them is Osim. They are a big distribution company in Singapore. They are known for branded chairs made by others under their name. One of the chairs they sell to Brookstone …

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Advantages of an armless office chair

Sitting in an office chair with armrests is probably the norm and the preferred form of sitting at most workplaces around the world. Ask one of your colleagues or friends if they prefer a chair with armrests, and the vast majority of them would probably answer yes. While you may …

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Emil J Paidar Barber Chairs: A Brief History

The Emil J. Paidar Company has been producing barber chairs since the 20th century. The Chicago-based company is one of the two largest domestic hairdressing equipment manufacturers in the United States. The other is the Koken Barber's Supply Company, headquartered in St. Louis Missouri. Paidar also provided a range of …

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Benefits of Outdoor Lounge Chairs

Have you ever thought of lying on your deckchairs outdoors on your yard on a warm spring afternoon with your family? Breathe in the warmth of the spring afternoon and spend a nice time with your family. This can easily be one of those evergreen moments that come to mind …

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So choose the right office chair for your frame

Finding the right office chair is not only an important task, it is also becoming increasingly important as the time spent sitting down increases with hectic work schedules and the demands that career careers entail. The problem is that it's difficult to find a chair that adapts to your body, …

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