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Armless office chairs – pros and cons

Although the market for ergonomic office chairs is currently dominated by chairs with armrests, many people continue to swear by armless office chairs for a variety of reasons. Armless office chairs offer some clear advantages over armrests, but also distinct disadvantages. It is up to you to decide if these advantages or disadvantages apply to your situation. Here are some things you should consider when considering working with an armless chair.

What are armless office chairs?

Armless office chairs are simply chairs without armrests designed for use in an office. For the purposes of this article, we focus on ergonomic armless chairs, as we would not recommend non-ergonomic chairs of any kind for office use as they will not tire or become uncomfortable after prolonged use.


The decisive advantage of armless office chairs lies in the space savings compared to armchairs. This can be beneficial in many ways. If your office is a little tight, a chair without armrests can make a big difference, as your arms may be another obstacle for you to move on. They can also be moved more easily.

Similarly, regardless of their design, armless chairs are more likely to fit seamlessly into your desk. If, for some reason, you want to sit very close to a desk, a chair with armrests can make this impossible, so an armless chair is probably the way to go. This is especially true if you use desk accessories such as a keyboard tray.

Depending on the nature of your work, an armless chair can provide additional benefits. If you need to move regularly from one side of your office to another, you can do it more easily with an armless chair without having to get up so often.

When all other things are the same, an armless chair is almost always much cheaper than a comparable ergonomic chair with armrests. Indeed, with many high-end chairs, the armrests are the most intensively developed aspects of the chair, adding more to the cost of the chair than you might expect. Of course, armrests offer significant benefits (more in a minute), so the extra cost is usually worth it. However, if you feel you can do without it, it makes perfect sense to take advantage of the savings provided by armless office chairs.

Armrests are among the easiest to damage parts of a chair. In a sense, armless office chairs are therefore more durable. If you want to move in your chair, your arms can damage other pieces of furniture. So if you have an armless chair, you can not damage other things in the office.


The main drawback of armless chairs is that they can not offer the benefits that sophisticated armrests can offer. Depending on your preferred posture or seating position, armrest support may be a must, and this is the main reason why armchair-able chairs continue to be the standard.

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