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7 tips for the safety of office chairs

Office chairs never had that dark look (well, maybe with the exception of the office game chairs that are out of this world). They look so innocent and boring that we have never associated them with health and safety risks. You may be looking at your own work chair now and are not convinced, but office chairs can actually cause injury!

We all now know that some of the most common problems known to the clerk are likely to be caused by a bad work chair. These issues include incorrect posture and poor circulation, which causes back pain, stress and fatigue. However, these internal health problems are not the only things to look out for.

Apart from the above, you should be alert to possible injury when sitting on an office chair. Yes, you can even be at risk if you sit on an ergonomically correct chair. You may even be at risk of sitting on a soft executive chair. To avoid this, here are some tips on how to safely sit on the office chair.

1. Do not buy chairs that look shaky

When looking for new work chairs, consider not only the price, but also the support. Look for chairs with five legs as often as possible. Take a close look at the wheels and wheels as well. Check that they are sturdy enough to handle the weight. You also have to fit very closely into the base. Always use the entire base of the office chair on the floor as a precautionary measure.

2. Stop being persistent and read the manual

When assembling chairs, most of us tend to "follow their hearts" and assemble them as if we had done so in the last few years. Well, some of you might have done it, but it will not hurt to read the manual and follow the instructions, right? Make sure all parts are in the right places. If you see one screw lying around, there is a possibility that two or more compartments are not completely screwed together, hence the replacement screw. Also, make sure all rollers or wheels are properly seated in the base.

3. Choose according to your floor area

Most office chairs are supplied with wheels or wheels and are ideal for carpeting and hard surfaces. Wheels may not be suitable for excessively smooth floor surfaces. This can lead to injuries. However, tile floors may require softer rolls to prevent damage to the floor. If you are unsure about the choice of base for your work chair, contact the dealer or the manufacturer.

4. Check the parts of the chair regularly

As with any investment you make, you also need to stay up to date on how your office chair is doing right now. Check all parts of your work chairs at least every 6 months. Make sure they are still tight and secure. If you see damaged components, you may need to replace them with new ones. For office chairs that are used more than 8 hours a day (chairs in hospitals and the like are used 24 hours a day), you may need to completely check them at least every 2 months.

5. Adjust the chair to your body

Almost all types of chairs are available with adjustments for your body measurements. Basically, ergonomic chairs perform best in this arena, but ordinary office chairs can also be customized. The seat height can be adjusted depending on the height. The inclination can also be adapted to the preferences of the user. Likewise, most work chairs have a tension control that allows the chair to balance the different body weights of its users.

6. The chair is neither a rocket ship nor a rocking boat

To scream out loud no matter how much you try, your office chair will not fly to the moon. Or sail the seas. Or both. In any case, the point is that we try to have fun with our chair, confident that it can handle the pressure we are exerting without knowing that this is not the case. Do not lean the chair too far back in your office and do not tilt it so far back that the front wheels are already lifted off the ground. This will cause the chair to fall back, damage the chair, and cause serious back pain.

The same applies to a too far forward leaned vehicle until the rear wheels are lifted off the ground. Technically, the same thing happens as in the first example, except that you are lying on the ground first and not back. To avoid this, remember to always keep both feet on the ground. If you can not help but rock the chair, buy a chair with the best tilt function.

7. Do not leave any electrical appliances on it

This is especially true for office chairs with fabric cover. If you leave an electrical device on it, it can overheat and cause a fire. You may imagine who on earth would leave an electrical appliance on a chair? Think again, because I saw you putting your cell phone and digital camera on the seat while they were charging.

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