• Concinnity con·cin·ni·ty “Concinnity” comes from an old Latin word that means,“
    “skillfully put together,” and that’s exactly what we do when we match
    employers and employees. We determine the right technical skills for
    each position, initiate the initial meeting, negotiate hiring terms, and help
    manage and facilitate the working relationship.

  • Our Services We are the "best fit" between Hiring Managers and
    our network of Candidates.

  • We are the "best fit" for Technical
    Staffing Services
    We understand that hiring top talent is key to meeting the
    demands of an ever-changing business landscape.

  • Moving Your Career Forward We don’t just find a role for you, we help you design a challenging,
    forward-moving career path. From on-going training and administrative
    support, to blueprints for upward mobility, we have the tools to help you
    succeed both now and in the future.

  • Connecting Companies
    With Great Talent
    I find I need some extra help recruiting. Their
    professionalism, expertise and dedication to what
    they do are represented with every candidate they
    submit to a client.
    -- Talent Acquisition Consultant
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We bring a level of experiential depth that
few other staffing companies offer.

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Our Promise To Our Clients

We Can Be Trusted To Deliver Results

Clients and candidates trust Concinnity Group due to our proven results. We consistently find the “best fit” for employers and candidates.

We Have Deep Expertise And Experience

Our extensive network and proven leadership team have placed hundreds of candidates in top companies nationwide.

We Customize Every Search

We customize every search to match the ideal candidate to each client’s specific needs.

We Offer The Support They Need

Concinnity Group provides support before, during and after hiring to assure a smooth process for all parties involved.
Our Leadership

“We expect our people to get hired; we don’t send them to an interview otherwise. And our clients expect a ‘best fit’; they know that if a candidate makes it through our screening process they’re as good as gold.”
Seritta Krafnick, MBA, BA
President/CEO of Concinnity Group

As a veteran in the staffing business with over 20 years’ experience and deep training in personality and culture assessment, Seritta has a keen ability to assess a combination of soft skills and cultural fit employers need to find the candidates who become long-term employees.

Our Clients

Our past and present clients include some of the most successful companies in their respective fields. “Most successful” translates as “people,” and we’ve helped place hundreds of them.

“In a world where the lines sometimes have turned gray, Seritta has always stayed black and white. She tells it the way it is. Her success can be attributed to her people orientation, ethics, intelligence and her passion for doing what is always right.”


“Concinnity Group is the most professional recruiting organization with whom I've worked in my 27+ years. They provide impeccable service and understand how to match candidate skills with the job requirements. I would choose them in an instant, for results, follow-up, and successful placement.”


“Concinnity Group worked very closely and diligently with me throughout the long hiring and interview process. They are the best recruiters I have ever worked with while looking for a position to fill. Their dedication to candidates and managers is remarkable.”

Hiring Manager